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Identity theft has many outcomes

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Stolen ID leads to mortgage fraud - Crime & Punishment -

This is one I hadn't heard of before -- stealing somebody's wallet, assuming their identity, and then buying...

A house.

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13 ways to live on less

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Ice cooling systems work

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Howstuffworks "Are ice blocks better than air conditioning?"

This is a great how-to on ice air cooling. The simple version is this: Freeze many blocks of ice at night when temps are low, let evaporate and blow through existing cooling ducts. Refreeze and repeat.

Many large corporations are using this method to cut cooling costs, saving themselves, and their shareholders, millions of dollars.

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Best Places to Live 2007 - Money Magazine

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Best Places to Live 2007 - Money Magazine

I could spend hours on this site!

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Whole Foods CEO Mackey under attack, and rightly so

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The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week - News & Analysis - The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week - ACP - BSC

CEO John Mackey of Whole Foods, in line to pay $565 million for competitor Wild Oats, is under fire for anonymously posting to financial forums. The FTC is investigating whether he let loose any insider information.

The guy clearly has built a great company. Regrettably, I shop there (it's expensive), but I love the stores and its employees.

However, Mackey is a major-league idiot for doing what he did.

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101 easy meals that save money

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101 simple meals

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Saving gas money

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How to Save Money on Gas - 29 Tips | Open Travel Info

29 tips on how to save $$$ at the gas pump. Most of these you know, but they're all here in one big list.

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Credit Scores: How are they calculated?

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Howstuffworks "How Credit Scores Work"

Howstuffworks is an excellent resource for LOTS of different topics. This is a great article on how credit scores work.

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Cyberhomes, Zillow competitor

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Cyberhomes - Value Your Home

I've tried them both, this one seems to be better. Just cleaner. Whether the results are any better, I don't know.

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Days to buy things

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The Cheapest Days to Buy Certain Items (Deal of the Day: Personal Finance) |

Nice list. You knew most of these, but now they're all in one spot.

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23 ways to beat the summer heat

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Keeping your meal costs down: $3 or less

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