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Schwab offering interest bearing checking account

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...with no monthly fees or minimum deposit. ATM fees are automatically reversed. 4.25% annual yield.

Can anybody beat this?

Interest in Schwab's checking

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Start Small, Think Big -- from the Wall Street Journal

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Informative article on getting started investing.

Free Article -

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Pinchot retirement plan -- from Andrew Tobias

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Great article on the con artistry of the True Wealth newsletter.

The Pinchot Retirement Program

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How to become rich

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I, too, have fallen prey to the idea that the more you earn, the wealthier you'll become. This, however, is a fallacy. The more you earn, the more potential you have to save.

But us humans neglect to save more when we earn more. Witness the fact that lottery winners seem to always end up broke, couples cannot "get by" on $200k per year, and poor immigrants retire wealthy.

It's all about priorities: Save now or save later. Saving now, thanks to compound interest (and compound earnings on investments), builds wealth much faster and more reliably. Plus, you have time to correct investment errors and poor timing.

Greg Mankiw's Blog: How to Become Rich

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101 Blogging Essentials

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Nice compilation of blogging sites.

101 Essential Blogging Resources

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How to get a great hotel from Priceline for an awesome price: Rebidding

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RetailMeNot -- Coupon finder

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If you're a money hacker, you're a coupon clipper. Use Retail Me Not to find coupon codes for scads of different items.

Coupon codes for thousands of online stores -

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100 web apps that just about cover everything

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There are a lot of web applications here that cover almost everything you might need.

Codswallop » The Freelancer’s Toolset: 100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly Need

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Executive email: How to resolve an issue with a company

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This article presents a great methodology for getting your complaint considered. Most executives have somebody else read and respond to their email, but this person may be just the person you need to read your complaint.

These "gate keepers" run corporate business. They are your allies, if not your friends.

Complaint Letters: How To Launch An Executive Email Carpet Bomb - Consumerist

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Money Hack: Ask for a better deal

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Here's a simple guide to saving thousands of dollars per year: Ask for a deal.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for a Better Deal

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When Warren Buffett speaks, markets listen

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Microsoft and Yahoo talks break down?

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Or is this just MS' way of cooling yahoo's stock price?

Microsoft, Yahoo talks no longer active: WSJ - MarketWatch

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More on the Microsoft-Yahoo merger rumor

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Lots of good reasons are being touted for the merger. This is additional commentary on the merger rumor I posted earlier.

Microsoft Saves Yahoo! [] May 04, 2007

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Microsoft shopping? Yahoo for sale?

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Let's hope this one happens. I own stock in each and I'd love to see somebody challenge google (I love the company, hate the stock, mostly because I didn't buy it at $100 share).

Microsoft-Yahoo deal could make life tough for Google  - May. 4, 2007

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Housing market winners and losers

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Net worth killers

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