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The Frugal Father: Saving with Kids

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I love The Simple Dollar. Very good post about saving money with two kids in diapers. I, too, will be experiencing this same condition in a matter of days. I've learned a lot from Trent.

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New York Times to stop charging for Times Select

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Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site - New York Times

Yay. I will tell you that charging for Times Select caused me to stop reading their online paper. I know at $50 a year, some thought it was a bargain. But at FREE, how could it be any less of a bargain?

Apparently, the NYT was not making money with this scheme. Here's to a sound business decision.

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Galbraith and Schumpeter: Two peas in a pod or diametrically opposed?

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BlogRush: A new way to drive targeted traffic to a web site

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So I signed up for BlogRush with the hope of driving more targeted traffic my way. Will it work? I don't know? Is it worth a shot? Maybe. Will I offend more real and potential readers with one more ad? Perhaps.

That is not my intention. I hope to derive more readers, a more active dialog about today's issues, and, to be completely honest, a little more cash. I'm not here to make a fortune in the blogosphere, but wouldn't it be nice to get a little change for inspiring others to think about what's going on in the world of personal finance, investing, and money hacks?

How does it work? Basically, two ways. You install the BlogRush widget. You get one credit each time the widget loads. This means, that within the network, if I get 100 pageviews today, my blog gets "published" in other BlogRush widgets 100 times today.

I also get credit if you sign up. (See all the links in this post?) Sheesh!

If your blog gets 500 pageviews, I get 500 credits. It's like a giant Ponzi scheme, only it appears to be made of real money! :)

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Whatever, life?

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Girl Power - - Ashley Qualls - Nabbr

An amazing story about an amazing girl who makes up to $70,000 per month in ad revenue for creating web layouts for and other social networking sites.


Oh, she's 17. I guess if you're ever short on money, you could take this article for an inspirational read.

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Store your food properly to make it last

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I just bought a FoodSaver vacuum sealer from Costco. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm excited about the prospect, though, of keeping meat and other food from getting freezer burn. I hate that.

How to Store Your Food So It Lasts Longer

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Greenspan didn't see mortgage mess coming

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Greenspan's Britney Moment

This guy's way too smart to have missed this. I think he made a killing on real estate during this time. The Ultimate Inside Job.

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Buffett's words...

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Buffett's Words of Wisdom

Some of my favorites:
  • "Never ask a barber if you need a haircut."
  • "I don't try to jump over 7-foot hurdles: I look for 1-foot hurdles that I can step over."
  • "When a management team with a reputation for brilliance joins a
    business with poor fundamental economics, it is the reputation of the
    business that remains intact."

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You don't know Ben!

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Ben Bernanke is the Fed Chief, but who knew? Apparently, at least 501 Americans have never heard of him...sad, this may be why our economy is so screwed up -- we let politicians, that we elect without ever having thought about them ("Oh, he's the incumbent, my life hasn't gone to hell in a handbasket yet, so I'll vote for him."), run (or more appropriately, "ruin") the economy.

Economics Blog : Ben Who?

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Paycheck to paycheck? Here's some help from Fools

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World's worst credit card

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And you thought you had the world's worst credit card! Betcha don't have this one!

Danger Will Robinson: The World's Worst Credit Card - Consumerist

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Foreclosures higher

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New mortgage foreclosures set record - Yahoo! News
The delinquency rate, which tracks the number of people who are behind in their payments but have not yet entered the foreclosure process, was also up sharply during the spring, rising to 5.12 percent of all loans, up nearly three-fourths of a percentage point from the same period a year ago.

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Fed moves by WSJ

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"Sophisticated" moves by the Fed

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Avoiding money traps from the AARP

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Not just for 50+ -- these traps could get any of us.

Avoid These Money Traps

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