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Nickel and Dimed? No, $5 and $10 and $50

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Poor Customer ServiceDo you feel like I do when it comes to "customer service"? I don't feel like a customer any more than I feel like I'm getting service. Recently, it's been so bad wherever I go that when I complain, it's about lack of service rather than poor service.

In bad economic times, you'd expect service to get better because it's really the only thing that can ever separate Company A from Company B. In the rolling dot com crazy days, I expected service to be bad, simply because "if you don't like us, there are millions of people in line behind you waiting to pay us handsomely for our incredible offerings." Now, though, it's the same, only without the "incredible offerings."

Furthermore, I really feel like I'm getting the equivalent of the 1920s "nickel and diming" but now it costs $5, $10, even $50 to get the service that should come with what I bought in the first place.

Here are The 12 most outrageous fees from MSN Money.


More to come later. Lots more. Welcome to the age of pay-for-service before, during, and after the sale.

If this is going to be the case, why don't the companies that offer these "extra services" outsource the service to somebody who can at least provide a decent customer service experience?

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