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How to save money on tech

Posted by billspaced | 9:15 AM | | 0 comments »

It seems that the cable, phone, cell, and internet bills never cease rising. Forbes has a brief article on how to save money on tech services like these. I can personally attest to the efficacy of calling your current provider and informing them of a competing offer you've received.

In fact, I recently called Comcast, my cable and internet provider, and told them that I was considering a competing offer from DirecTV. While the retention specialist said that she couldn't lower my cable bill, she did say that she could reduce my internet bill by $10 a month for a year.

That 5 minute phone call saved me $120. And I really didn't want to leave anyway.

Another thing I've done is to unbundle my services to get the best overall deals. "Experts" would have you believe that bundled internet, phone, and cable will save you money. But looking at my only viable option, Comcast's triple play, I save money by getting my phone service through Vonage. Not sure if anybody can beat $16 a month for 500 minutes of phone service.

I wish that some company came along and truly offered everything I needed for the best price. But why would they?

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