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Lifelock is worth a look

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UPDATE: LifeLock is involved in a class-action lawsuit that claims that not only does the company NOT do what it says it does, but its CEO, Richard Todd Davis, who drives around with his SSN painted on his vehicle, has had his identity compromised!

Because of this, I am removing all LifeLock ads as well as putting this note on all of my posts that mentions LifeLock.

Apparently, Davis has had 20 driver's licenses issued in his name by ID thieves. Not a good record. Of course, nothing has been proven yet, but this article is pretty damning.

Might not be a bad idea to consider LifeLock if you know you're not active and energetic enough to do these things yourself (which you can do yourself, by the way).

If your ID is stolen, the company claims it will do whatever it takes to get your identity restored and it will also give you $1 million.

All for $10 a month.

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