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NotchUp: Adding Extra Income

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Here's a unique idea: If you like your job and aren't ready or willing to look for another one, try this on for size -- have potential employers pay you to interview with them.

How does it work? NotchUp is in beta, which for practical purposes means that you have to get invited to the site (if you want an invitation, let me know --hint hint). Once you set up your initial information, like name, email, and password, among other things, you're taken to a page that asks you how much you would take in order to interview with a company (there's a handy calculator that takes into account your experience in your current industry and your current salary), and then a page to import your LinkedIn profile, if you have one.

That's it. Oh, yeah, if anybody uses you as a referral, you make 10% off what they make in "interview fees" for their entire first year.

I'm not sure how this will fly, especially given the current economic outlook and job market, but it makes some sense: Employers want people who have jobs already. They're a known commodity, the idea being that if you're in a job, for some period of time longer than a month (!), and you're not actively seeking to move, you're probably pretty satisfied where you are. And why are you satisfied? Because your current employer values your work and compensates you for it.

If they weren't, you'd be looking for another job, right?

The site:

News: Stealth Job Site NotchUp Makes Companies Pay To Interview You

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