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Two for Tuesdays #1

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This is the inaugural edition of Two for Tuesdays, a place where I tell you two things that you can do right now to improve your financial picture. So, with that said, let's dive right in.

#1: Read books, but don't buy them. Same for magazines. And don't get me started on newsletters (you know, the financial ones that give advice for money)!

Your local library has a wealth of books and magazines you can read. Don't forget the 'net, too; there are dozens of very good web sites that deal in all manner of topics. For you fiction buffs, you're pretty much relegated to the library. At least, pay your local used book store a visit.

The good magazines and newspapers are online now. Often times, you'll find them offering free access, too. The New York Times recently announced that they were dropping the premium content subscriptions in favor of FREE.

So, cancel all but your most cherished subscriptions that you cannot get any other way than by subscription, stay away from Barnes and Noble (and Amazon!), and sign up for free access to your favorite newspapers.

The upside: You save about a gazillion trees. But you'll kill a few watts, but your computer is on anyway.

#2: Start an online savings account. Often, outfits like ING and EmmigrantDirect will offer an incentive to join their online savings bank. For example, I've seen ING give $25 to new applicants. There are two main benefits to online savings accounts. The first is that they pay close to or better than CD rates with better liquidity. The second is that you can set up automatic deposits from your offline (ie, neighborhood) bank to your online savings account.

It's amazing how you don't miss $25 or $100 each month if you never see it. See Put Your Finances on Autopilot for more. Check out for the latest rates.

Remember, you can leave your own tips here (either in the comments or email me). If I use them, I will give you credit for them as well as a link to your blog.

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