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Give Me $10, Get $25

Posted by billspaced | 1:26 PM | 0 comments »

Revolution Money Exchange
There's nothing better than free money! And you can be your own Fed Chairman by increasing the money supply on your own. No need to devalue the dollar, bail out the next Bear Stearns, or bow down to our Asian friends hoping they continue to buy our bonds.

Send me your email address and I'll send you an invitation to Revolution Money Exchange. The deal: I get $10 for your sign up, you get $25. It couldn't be easier.

(Well, it could, because the web site seems to have some bugs, like it would not accept some of my information. I emailed support and within a few minutes, I was up and running.)

This is clearly a PayPal competitor. It'll be interesting which, if any, of the "big guys" buy this one when it gets some traction.

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