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Monitoring Your Credit Reports

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credit report
You may know that your credit reports are available online for free at Annual Credit Report. But what you may not know is the myFICO gives you (for a fee) a whole lot more, including your actual FICO score, your credit report, and a nifty FICO score simulator. They offer a whole host of products, so you can be sure to get what you need when you need it.

As you may know, the current mortgage meltdown and resulting credit crunch has caused lenders to tighten their credit practices, to the extent that they're being much stingier than in the recent past. Flawless credit reports and a very high FICO score might get you a loan. It behooves you, especially when contemplating getting a loan, to keep up with anything that might be going on with respect to your credit history.

This is where the FICO Score Simulator from myFICO comes in very handy. You can input various "what ifs" and it will generate a FICO score for you. For example, paying all your bills on time for the next 6 months might show an improvement in your credit score of 5 points.

Additionally, myFICO offers credit reports from all 3 credit reporting bureaus, whereas with Annual Credit Report, you get only one free per year.

Right now, you can save 25% off all myFICO products – 7 yr anniversary sale!

Did you know that Higher FICO Scores = Lower Monthly Payments?

Did you know that monitoring your credit report and FICO scores could possibly alert you to ID theft? Read more about that here -- Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft: Deter - Detect - Defend - Avoid

Get All 3 FICO Scores and Credit Reports!

Why You Should Monitor Your Credit Card Accounts Very Closely
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