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Two for Tuesdays #13

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Two for Tuesdays
In last week's Two for Tuesdays, we talked about saving money on postage by automating your finances and shopping at outlet stores like the Grocery Outlet and the 99 Cent store.


This week, I want to share with you a site I found while reading The Bag Lady's April 7th edition of the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances. In it, there was a post from a site called Free Geekery, called The Freeloader's Toolbelt: 50 Tools to Help You Get Anything Free Online.

There are some nifty blogs, web sites, books, and other resources there. I'm going to cheat and not give you a #2 this week, because I've given you 50 tips this week!!!


See #1 :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

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