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20 Free Ways to Save Money

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Save Money
Consumer Reports is one of the best magazines around to help you save money. The link below will take you to a list of 20 ways to save money right away. It's a very good list.

  1. Wash clothes in cold water.
  2. Hang it up.
  3. Don't overdry your laundry.
  4. Let the dishwasher do the work.
  5. Put your PC to sleep.
  6. Turn down the heat in the winter, and turn down the cool in the summer.
  7. A cold hearth for a warmer house.
  8. Lower the shades and raise the windows.
  9. Put a spin on home cooling.
  10. Take care of your air conditioner, and it will take care of you.
  11. Spend less for hot water.
  12. Think twice before turning on the oven.
  13. Use the right pan.
  14. Read the label.
  15. Dust off the Crock-Pot.
  16. Clean the coils on your refrigerator using a tapered appliance brush.
  17. Drive steadily--and a bit slower.
  18. Roof racks are a drag.
  19. Stick with regular.
  20. No loitering.
  1. A tighter home is a toastier home.
  2. Try do-it-yourself low-E windows.
  3. Use a programmable thermostat.
  4. Switch to those funny-looking fluorescents.

By the way, Consumer Reports is one of the few magazines where I'd say that the subscription is worth the cost -- and then some! - 20 free ways to save energy

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