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Posted by billspaced | 9:52 AM |

Hi all, I've been remiss in mentioning that I have a lens on Squidoo. I'm going to be spending some time freshening the site and adding new tools, resources, links, etc. If you have any suggestions for improving the lens -- or this site, for that matter -- please let me know.

Part of being a member of the blogging community, especially the Personal Finance community, is giving and taking feedback. Most of the time, I'm writing articles that I think you'll be interested in. But I'd like to hear more from you about what you like, dislike, any suggestions you may have, and your feedback and criticism.

I'm pretty thick-skinned, so I'll (most likely) be able to handle it. :)

This site and my Squidoo lens are works in progress. I'm always seeking out ways to improve them.

So, again, please, I urge you to comment on ways you think I could make these sites more valuable to you.

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