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Kids & Money -- May 2, 2008

Posted by billspaced | 3:54 PM | | 0 comments »

I regret to inform you that I haven't been able to post the latest edition of Kids & Money because the service/site I use is Blog Carnival, which has been down for quite a few hours now. Admittedly, I hadn't tried to do too much with it until this morning (I work in bursts, if you hadn't noticed), but when I arrived at the landing page, I got a message stating that the database was down temporarily.

I don't know about you, but temporary in computer terms usually means a couple of hours. It's been at least 8 hours now...and counting.

As soon as the site is back online, I will put together a new edition. Until then, please check back here periodically to see if I've been able to login.

Thanks for your patience.

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