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Kids and Money -- June 13, 2008: School's Out For Summer

Posted by billspaced | 6:15 AM |

Kids and MoneyWelcome to the June 13, 2008 edition of Kids and Money, the School's Out For Summer edition.

Posts of the Week
This week, we have two. It's my carnival, so I make the rules!

Sagar wrote 10 Surprising Implications of the Global Rise in Food Prices posted at Currency
This is one of the most thoughtful pieces on the overall economy that I've read. This is a must-read.

Mark Montgomery gives us School's Out! Top 10 Summertime Tips for College Admission posted at Great College Advice, saying, "Good college planning includes teaching kids about how to shop for colleges--and to "invest" in their future. These 10 tips will help get students and their families focused on using the unstructured time of the summer to get a jump on the college admission process."
Don't wait until the last minute, like I did, to apply. If you do, you'll most likely not get into the college of your choice. Or, like me, you'll have to wait.

Mag Herrera presents The Quest for Making Money Online posted at Life. Money. Development., saying, "Personal opinion and views about the rush for making money online."
We could all use a little help in expanding our online empires, even kids. In fact, kids are probably better suited at making money online than adults because they don't have preconceived notions that get in the way of progress.

Save Money tells us about Changing How I Save Money in My ING Accounts posted at How I Save
Sage advice for anyone.

KCLau presents Investment-linked funds performance last year posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "about the formats of investment-linked performance results"

Master Your Card wrote 10 Steps to Take Before Having a Baby posted at Master Your Card.
Truer words and better advice were never spoken...the father of two boys under 3, I totally get this. GREAT LIST!!!

Fitz Villafuerte made a list in How To Save Money When You're Having And Caring For A Newborn Baby posted at Ready To Be Rich, saying, "7 quick tips on how to save money when you're expecting and taking care of a newborn baby."
What a great list, from a non-parent even!

Jeff Frese presents 3 posts:
Gifting For College » Parents: look familiar? posted at Gifting For College, saying, "This is an article on paying for college with Barbie Dolls."
Gifting For College » Free College! posted at Gifting For College, saying, "This is an article about the myth of free ivy league schools."
529 Ways To Pay For Your Child?s Education posted at Gifting For College, saying, "529 steps to pay for college."
All 3 posts are thought-provoking. And right on the money, so to speak.

Vera Lang presents Choosing The Best Pets For Kids | Fine Pet Care .com posted at Fine Pet Care .com, saying, "Buying a kid a pet is not quite the same as spending the money on a bike..."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Kids and Money using our carnival submission form.

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