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Wind Energy: Will It Save the Planet?

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Here's a transcription of an interview with T. Boone Pickens on wind energy. He's going to build the biggest wind farm on the planet and it will serve 1.3 million homes, or about the equivalent of 2 nuclear power plants.

All this on a mere 200,000 acres at a cost of $12 Billion...

Will wind power save the planet? No, not by itself, in my humble opinion. But in combination with a lot of other energy-producing technologies, it can help. Our reliance on the dinosaur juice (oil, or fossil fuel) is driving all of us crazy and to the poor house. Plus, in a sick and demented fashion, we're financing global terrorism (again, IMHO).

Couple wind, solar, clean coal (is there really such a thing?), nuclear power, and conservation, and we'll be able to kick our addiction to the light, sweet crude.

Is this wind-power thing crazy or is Pickens crazy like a really super-smart fox? He's also trying to become the world's largest supplier of another scarce resource (not that wind is scarce, but his other business is oil), water.

Seeing a trend here? The way this man makes money is by using scarce resources like oil and water, and their substitutes, wind and sun (yes, he's going to build a solar farm, too).

If only I could become a monopolist in air.

Living on Earth: Don't Mess with Texas Wind

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