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The Only Software I Will EVER Pay For

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free softwareI've been paying for Personal Computer software for a long time. I bought my first computer back in the 80s and I've been paying for software ever since: Upgrades, new programs that promise increased productivity, ease of use, or some other wonderful benefit.

I've been a fan of Microsoft's Office suite forever. I like it. But it's gotten bloated: For the money, if I were to use all of the features, it's probably still a bargain. I, like most others, don't use 90 percent of the features that Word, for example, offers. So, for what I use it for, it's far too expensive; I simply can no longer justify the cost. I could try some of the free office suites out there, like StarOffice, but I don't want to.

I use Google's Docs set of online applications: Always available wherever an Internet connection is, completely interchangeable with other apps, and has the minimalist features I need. All at the very low cost of FREE.

For other utilities, like firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, and the lot, I use Comodo, also free.RoboForm

Music: iTunes

But there's one piece of software that I bought a few months ago after having tried it for a while and I find it so completely perfect for my use that I will gladly pay the $50 or so again and that software is called


I absolutely LOVE this program! I, like you probably, have dozens of usernames and passwords to remember. I, like you probably, cannot remember them all. I don't even try because I don't have to. You see, whenever you visit a site with any form fields on it, RoboForm offers to remember the information. It's all encrypted, too, so if you lose your data (I store mine in the portable version on a flash drive, so I take it with me wherever I go), whomever comes up with it will have a time cracking the encryption without your password.

It also offers to generate really strong passwords and then remembers them! So, again, you don't have to.

Without any reservations or hesitation, I highly recommend this software!!!

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