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Apple's New iPhone

Posted by billspaced | 9:32 PM |

iPhoneApple's announcement today about the new and improved (how can that be?), no doubt, has created a lot of talk amongst techies. But do you need one?

I mean, I love my iPod! I cannot say enough good things about it: It works, it's beautiful, and it's fairly priced, in my opinion.

But I want my cell phone to be a, um, phone. The iPhone, while I'm sure it's a technological wonder, even with its crummy battery life and junky AT&T network, looks like a brick.

I have to hand it to Apple: They get people excited about a product. They know how to link a set of features to an emotional response. In short, Apple knows how to market. They know how to design. They know how to launch a product (they're even good at re-launching a better product at a lower price).

Are you in line for an iPhone? I, for one (maybe the only one), will not be standing in line for an iPhone any time soon. And it's not just because it's not frugal. It's because it's unnecessary. At least to me.

Apple's chief Steve Jobs announces new iPhone services - Jun. 9, 2008
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