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Kids and Money Blog Carnival: Continue or Quit?

Posted by billspaced | 6:19 AM |

I'd like to thank everybody for their outstanding contributions to the Kids and Money blog carnival I've been putting together for the past few months. I've thoroughly enjoyed and learned from your posts.

However, the submissions have been down quite a bit and I'm considering either cutting back on the frequency (perhaps monthly?) or stopping the endeavor altogether.

Can I ask you for help? Would you consider writing or submitting already-written posts about kids and money for me?

Can I count on you?

I think this topic is of such importance that I've concocted this carnival to see how others feel about it and it's enjoyed overwhelming success (in my opinion), but are we at the end of the line?

I certainly hope not. I'll leave it up to you all to tell me in the Comments whether you want me to keep this going.

FYI -- I'll need at least 5 submissions per cycle to keep this going. So the number of submissions will serve to guide me as well. I'd like to hear from you whether you find this carnival informative, entertaining, or useful.

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